Sharing: In-Game Triggers

Triggers can be imported from EverQuest to help bulid your trigger library. GINA provides the best experience when used as a stand-alone application monitoring log files, but it can also be used to export triggers back into EverQuest's interface.

Importing From EverQuest

To import triggers from the game, select the "From Everquest" option from the Import button on the Sharing ribbon bar. If you are running GINA in Manual mode, you may be prompted to locate your EverQuest folder so that GINA can locate your audio trigger configuration files.

Triggers have to be created for each character in EverQuest, and each character can have triggers defined in one or more trigger sets. Select the trigger set name under the character that you wish to import, and click the Import button. The Merge screen will appear allowing you to complete the process of pulling the triggers into your library.

Exporting to EverQuest

EverQuest only supports playing sound files in response to a trigger, so you lose the ability to have text overlays and text to speech when using the in-game interface. However, you do not have to turn on your log for in-game triggers to fire.

To export triggers to EverQuest, select a trigger or trigger group from your library and select the "To Everquest" option from the Export button on the Sharing ribbon bar. You may be prompted to locate your EverQuest folder. Select the character(s) to which you wish to export triggers and a Trigger Set name and then hit Export.

Since EverQuest does not support Text To Speech, GINA will automatically create .wav files using your computer's default voice for triggers that are set to use Text To Speech.

If the {C} token is used in any triggers that you are exporting, the token will be replaced with the name of the character(s) you are exporting to.

Important Note: If you are exporting to a character that is currently logged into the game, you must have a different trigger set selected (in your in-game interface) than the one you are exporting to with GINA. For convenience, GINA creates a trigger set called "_GINA" the first time you use the export function. Change any logged in characters to this trigger set (in the in-game interface) before clicking the Export button. After exporting, change the trigger set back.