Getting Started

Video: Getting Started

GINA is designed to get you up in running with just a few quick steps.  You will need to enable logging and then complete three simple steps:

Step 1: Add Characters

A single instance of GINA can monitor multiple character log files at once. To add a character, click the Add button in the Characters ribbon group to open the Character editor. Locate your log file and the settings will all populate with default values which you can adjust if needed. Click Save, and you're done. To add more Characters, just repeat this process.

Step 2: Add Triggers to your Library

Triggers are the workhorse of GINA. They tell the program what text to watch for in the log files, and what to do when they find that text. There are a variety of ways to build your Trigger library in GINA -- either by creating them yourself or importing them from other sources. One of the quickest ways to build your library is to download packages from Gimagukk's Library.

Step 3: Enable Triggers for Characters

Simply stated, it's a waste of your computer's CPU cycles to monitor your cleric's log files for berserker-related triggers, or to monitor your logs for Velious raid encounter emotes when you haven't stepped foot in Skyshrine in years. By selecting specific groups of triggers for each character to monitor, you can streamline the time spent comparing new log file lines to your triggers.