Sharing: GimaLink

GimaLink is a web service running at that provides two sharing services for GINA users: a permanent central repository of moderated trigger packages, and a short-term mechanism for sharing trigger packages with friends quickly. Connections are always initiated by either something you do in GINA (clicking the Library or Share buttons) or in response to a Share Token being detected in your character's log file. GimaLink buttons are located on the Sharing ribbon group, and GimaLink can be disabled or configured in the Settings editor.

Gimagukk's Library

Clicking the "Gimagukk's Library" button in the Sharing ribbon bar will download the list of trigger sets available in Gimagukk's Library. When you find one you want, hit the Download link to download the package, and you will be taken to the Merge screen to complete the process of pulling the triggers into your library. The library is pretty light right now, but it will continue to grow over time.

Quick Sharing

When you want to send a trigger or set of triggers to friends quickly, select the trigger or group in your library and hit the "Share" button in the GimaLink ribbon group. This will upload the package file to GimaLink and give you a token that you can copy and paste to other players using GINA. When their client detects these tokens in the log file, by default they will be asked whether they wish to accept or decline your package. If they accept, GINA will pull the package down from GimaLink and the will be taken to the Merge screen to complete the process of merging triggers into their libraries.

Share Tokens are valid for appromixately one hour, and there is a restriction on the size of the package that can be transferred. You will only hit the size restriction when including triggers that have pre-recorded sound files; all other triggers and groups are pretty small. If you need to distribute larger packages with lots of sound files or have than last more than an hour, you should use the Package Files option to create a file that you can distribution.

When To Use Quick Sharing

Quick Sharing should be used when you wish to share triggers with other GINA users who have their EverQuest log enabled. The shared triggers will only be available on the server for approximately an hour. If you wish to create a more permanent shared set of triggers, create a Package File.

GimaLink Settings

GimaLink can be configured on the Sharing tab of the Settings editor. Disabling GimaLink disables the ability to use the Central Repository and Share Trigger Group / Trigger functions, and stops GINA from looking for share token entries in your characters' log files.

Accept Share Invitations From

This settings tells GINA which players are allowed to attempt to share packages with you.

  • Nobody: GINA will ignore all share tokens that it detects in the log files, so you will not be able to receive triggers from anyone.
  • Trusted List: GINA will ignore share tokens from anyone not in your Trusted List.
  • Anybody: GINA will process all share tokens that it detects.
Automatically Merge Invitations From

For any packages that are shared with you in compliance with the Accept Share Invitations From settings, this setting determines whether you want to have control over the merge process or whether you want it to automatically happen with no intervention on your part.

  • Nobody: GINA will never automatically merge packages. You will be taken to the Merge screen for any packages that you accept.
  • Trusted List: GINA will automatically accept and merge any requests that come from anyone on your Trusted List.
  • Anybody: GINA will automatically accept and merge any requests that come from anyone... anyone at all. You probably don't really want to use this option, but it's there for daredevils.
Trusted List

This list defines who you trust for the Accept Share Invitations From and Automatically Merge Invitations From settings.