We’ve all been there… spacing out two hours into a raid, daydreaming about hot elven chicks and completely missing the yellow emote telling us to run away to prevent wiping our raid. Or maybe it was a peaceful morning run through Skyfire, oblivious to the red text warning you that your invis is about to drop. Or that friend who sent you 20 tells inviting you to a group while you were browsing the web catching up on the latest sports news.

Introducing GINA, a log monitoring application that provides audio and visual feedback based on triggers you either define or import. GINA builds on many of the great features introduced by Gamanern of GamboSoft.com in GamTextTriggers like Text to Speech, text overlays, and in-game trigger sharing, and adds on features such as multiple character monitoring, trigger organization, and more sharing options. GINA is primarily developed with EverQuest in mind, but theoretically may work with other log-based programs as well.