Beta Download

Thank you for your interest in helping test the beta version of the next release of GINA which may include feature enhancements and/or bug fixes.

Before installing GINABeta, locate your current configuration folder and copy all of the files to a backup folder in case any unexpected corruption occurs. Your configuration folder is listed on the General tab of the Settings page in GINA in the "Config File Location" or "GINA Data Folder" setting (depending on which version you are running).

If you encounter usability issues with GINABeta, you can close down the application, overwrite the files in the configuration folder with the files you copied to the backup folder above, and use the live version.

Optionally, you can point the GINA Data Folder of GINABeta to a different folder than the folder the live version is using to maintain separate configurations. If you do this, you will probably want to manually create a new folder for the beta configuration and copy the files from the folder the live version is using, and then update the setting on the General tab of the Settings page. (If you just change the directory inside the application, and the new folder does not yet have a configuration file, GINA thinks you are trying to move your configuration and will move the file from the live version's folder to the new folder you specify.)

Download GINABeta

By using the above link, you acknowledge your acceptance of the End User License Agreement.

Windows XP Users: You may have to manually download Microsoft's .Net Framework 4.0 using this link.