Sharing: Package Files

Package Files can be created to distribute to other GINA users. These files have a .gtp extension to more easily identify them as GINA Trigger Packages, but they are nothing more than a compressed file that contains an XML file defining the triggers being shared as well as any sound files that those triggers reference.

Creating Package Files

Packages files provide a mechanism for guilds or players to maintain their own library of triggers. Highlight a trigger group or trigger and select the "To GINA Package File" option from the Export button on the Sharing ribbon bar, and you will be prompted for a name and location for the file. This file can be emailed to other players, posted on a web site, or archived for your own backup purposes.

Importing Package Files

To import a Package File, select the "From GINA Package File" option from the Import button on the Sharing ribbon bar and locate the file. You will be taken to the Merge screen to complete the process of pulling the triggers into your library. If the package contains sound files, they will be copied to an imported media folder during the merge. You can configure the location of this folder in the Settings editor.

When To Use Package Files

Package Files are ideal when you need to permanently post triggers to be shared with the guild or for backing up your trigger library.