GINA can monitor multiple logs at a time. Each file is treated as a Character so that triggers can report which of your characters received the trigger alert. This enables text and Text To Speech notifications to include the character's name, and allows you to use a different voice for different characters.

Adding a Character

Add a new character by clicking on the Add button on the Characters group of the Home ribbon bar. When the editor pops up, locate the Log File for the character you wish to monitor and the other properties will be auto-populated with defaults for you. EverQuest log files are found under the Logs folder where you installed EverQuest and have the format eqlog_CharacterName_ServerName.txt.

Character Properties

General Settings
  • Log File: This is the file which GINA will read and watch for triggers. You can either type in the path, or click the "..." button to bring up a file dialog to find the file. After selecting an Everquest log file, the Profile Name, Character Name, and Phonetic Name will be populated with default values if you have not already filled them in.
  • Profile Name: This is the name that is displayed in the character list on the main screen.
  • Character Name: This is the in-game name of your character. For triggers using the {C} token, this name is used to replace the token in the trigger's Search Text and Text to Display properties.
  • Monitor on Startup: Enable this checkbox to start monitoring this character's log file when GINA is started.
Audio Settings
  • Volume: This slider controls the volume of Text to Speech and Sound Files for this character. There is also a master volume slider in Settings which is applied to all characters in conjunction with the character's individual volume setting.
  • Voice: Each character can use any voice engine that you have installed on your computer. Windows operating systems typically have one or two voices installed. See Voices to learn about acquiring more.
  • Voice Speed: Adjusts the speed at which the Text to Speech Voice speaks. I recommend a nice, high chipmunky setting for gnomes.
  • Phonetic Name: If the Voice doesn't pronounce your name very well, you can use a different spelling here which will be used when the Text to Speech triggers say your character's name. Hit the play button to here the voice speak the Phonetic Name.
  • Sample: Enter any text here and press play to hear the voice in action.

Character List

Once you have added a character, they will show up in the character list on the main screen. A green background indicates GINA is currently monitoring the log file for the character, and a gray background indicates that the log is not being mornitored. You can toggle this by hitting the play/stop button to the left of the character profile name.