End early text aren't using regex?

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End early text aren't using regex?

Post by oldgoat » Fri Jul 19, 2019 3:02 am

In the land of project 1999, there is some serious competition on endgame mobs. Guilds will be standing at zone-in buffing up waiting for a mob to spawn so it can be engaged.

As a chanter, I am picking up alot of the buff requests, however, since GINA does not have a "pre-trigger condition" , i.e. "You begin casting Clarity II", I can only trigger on the spell landing, such as "Someone looks very tranquil".

This is fine, however, I want to sort out/block OTHER guilds names from my list, so I have tried the "end early" text using the lesser known /url command:

for example, typing:

/url nobuff Someone

Gives the following text in the logfile:

Opening nobuff Someone

In my "End early text" I therefore thought this was as easy as making the following:

"Opening nobuff {s}"

But, this isn't removing the countdown timer for anyone. What would I be doing wrong?

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Re: End early text aren't using regex?

Post by HSishi » Mon Feb 17, 2020 1:27 pm

"End early" texts work only for triggers which starts them.

So, in your case:
{S} looks very tranquil starts the timer (with "RegEx" checkbox enabled)
Opening nobuff {S} pre-ends the timer - tick "Use Regex" checkbox in "End Early" list for that one too.

Though, I would recommend to use another "sneaky" command; /url on "Live Servers" is used to open your webbrowser which tries to display the webpage - or starts a Google search using "nobuff NAME" as search pattern.

If the server allows tells to you (like ;tell YOURNAME text on Live servers) use these instead.

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