Colors and Overlays FAQ (v1.0.21.0 and higher)

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Colors and Overlays FAQ (v1.0.21.0 and higher)

Post by Gimagukk » Wed Jul 08, 2015 11:02 pm

  • How do I put a trigger into a specific overlay?

    When the trigger fires and needs to show text or timers, the category assigned to the trigger determines which overlay and which colors should be used. Categories have default overlay and color settings which can be overridden for specific characters if needed.

  • Why can't I just assign a color directly to a trigger?

    The ability to quickly and easily share sets of triggers with friends and guildmates is one of the core goals of GINA. However, I didn't want someone's affinity to bright neon pink fonts or randomly colored timer bars inflicting my screen, and I didn't want someone running GINA on a single monitor system forcing overlays that I run on a second or third monitor back onto my main monitor. The functionality of a trigger is important to share, but I should not be forced to use the color scheme of the person sharing the triggers me. With categories, one player may assign a "Buff Timer" category to show blue timer bars in an overlay on a second monitor, while another player may use green timer bars in an overlay on their main monitor. As new triggers are created, assigned the "Buff Timer" category, and shared between the two players, the timer bars automatically show up in the overlays and colors each player prefers.

  • I want to use different colors for each character. How do I do that?

    Edit each category for which want to use a character's defined colors and set the "Text / Colors" and "Timers / Colors" settings to "Use character colors". When a trigger with this category fires, GINA will use the colors specified for the character in the character editor.

  • How do I set a character's colors?

    Double click on the character in the character list on the Home tab to bring up the editor. Adjust the colors in the Colors section of the editor and click Save. Note that these colors will only be used if the trigger's category is set to use "Use character's colors".

  • How do I show blue timer bars for a category for Anatole, but green timer bars for all other characters?

    In the Category Settings editor of the category, set the "Timers / Colors" option to "Use the colors" and choose green for the "Timer Bar" color. In the Character Overrides section, expand Anatole's information, then his Timer Overrides information, and select "Use the colors" for the Colors option. Choose blue for the Timer Bar color.

  • How do I show disc timers in Overlay Alpha for Anatole and Overlay Beta for all other characters?

    Create a category (e.g., "Discs") and set Timers / Overlay to "Overlay Beta" in the Category Settings section. In the Character Overrides section, expand Anatole's information, then expand his Timer Overrides information, set the Overlay option to "Use this overlay", and set the overlay to "Overlay Alpha".

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