Feature Requests: Hide Timer / Run New Trigger Text

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Feature Requests: Hide Timer / Run New Trigger Text

Post by woot » Wed Jan 25, 2017 1:38 am

This feature would be very useful:

1- Ability to have a timer, but have it be hidden (you don't actually see it count down) .. which would be useful for this next thing ..

2- Ability to run a trigger if certain text is detected, but only while a specific timer is counting down. In other words, it would only run the trigger if a specific timer is active (name your timer on the first trigger a unique name, and then on the second trigger use that timer's name in a field that says 'require timer to be active').

Why is this useful?

You could create a trigger to detect that you are casting a specific spell and have a countdown timer that lasts for just a little over the casting time (and have timer stop if you interrupt casting), then you can have another trigger that only activates if that countdown timer is active and detects if the spell lands on a target. This makes it so that you can trigger a timer specifically for your spellcast, rather than have timers that trigger whenever it detects a spell matching the criteria landing on a monster. The only instance this wouldn't work properly is if someone else casts the same spell on the monster while you are casting the spell, in which case it would start the timer as if you had landed that spell when actually someone else did, but that's better than firing the trigger all the time when you want it to only be for your spellcasts.


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