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why wont it work in project gorgon?

Posted: Wed May 05, 2021 1:54 pm
by svann
Ive been playing project gorgon the last couple weeks and had the idea to use gina in that game. So I turned logging on, showed gina the log file and my character name (Keyes), created a test trigger that triggers on the text "test" and made sure the trigger was set to on for that character. But its not seeing it. Ive made tons of triggers for EQ so I think I know what Im doing but dont see what could be wrong. Here is an example of the text saved in the log file:
21-05-05 08:32:17 [Nearby] Keyes: TEST
21-05-05 08:33:13 [Nearby] Keyes: test
Seems like it should work doesnt it? The log file is a .log extension and its just text. So why isnt gina picking it up? Does gina require the eq filenaming standard? This is the filename its using atm: