Feature Request: "Backup Now" button

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Feature Request: "Backup Now" button

Post by Tyke666 » Sun Feb 23, 2020 8:09 am

Hi Gima,
Firstly thanks for this awesome app!
So what I am suggesting is a button in the Log Maintenence section that would force a backup of the currently selected character(s) log file.
Or maybe a special trigger text similar to the gina stop one that will do the same.

The reason for me asking is that I have my setup to do a backup at 100MB.This is fine normally, but a couple of times it has triggered at a crucial part of a raid and it hangs the system for a few seconds - enough for me to miss a vital call or whatever.
I now normally check the size of the file before I raid and archive it manually if I think it might overflow. Then I have to change the archived file to match the Gina backup name format for consistancy. It would be be great if I could just tell Gina to do it for me as it has the code already built in. I envisage it as just a button that goes straight to the backup routine bypassing normal checks.
Not a biggy in the scheme of things but at least it sounds reasonably simple to implement.

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