Trigger Groups

Trigger groups allow you to organize your triggers by expansion, raid event, pertinent class, favorite pets' names, or whatever else you decide. Trigger groups can be individually enabled for each character, so if you have a main that raids and five alts that don't, you may choose to disable the raid triggers for the alts so that GINA doesn't spend any resources looking for raid triggers in their logs files.

Adding Trigger Groups

You can create a new trigger group using the Add button on the Trigger Groups ribbon group. If you click the arrow at the bottom of the button, you can select to either add the new group under a group you have selected in your trigger library or to add a new top-level group. Clicking the top half of the Add button will create the group at the top level (if you do not have a group selected) or under the selected group (if you do have a group selected).

Trigger groups can be moved to another group by dragging the group onto the desired group. A group can be moved to the top level by dragging the group to the the empty white area in the library tree.

Trigger Group Properties

  • Trigger Group Name: This is the name the you wish to give your group. You can not have two groups with the same name under the same parent group, but you can have two groups with the same name if they each have a different parent group.
  • Enable For Characters By Default: Checking this checkbox enables all of the triggers in this group for all of your characters when you hit Save. Any groups that are merged into this group from a Sharing source (GimaLink, package file, or EverQuest import) will inherit this setting from this group. After enabling this property, you can still disable the group for individual characters.

Enabling Trigger Groups on Characters

After you have added characters and trigger groups, you can click on a character in the list and checkboxes will appear next to the trigger groups in your library. If a trigger group is checked, GINA will monitor the selected character's log for triggers in that group. If it is not checked, GINA will ignore the triggers in the group for the selected character. Checking or clearing a checkbox for a trigger group will check or clear all groups under that group, as well. You can select multiple characters at once by holding down the Ctrl key while clicking on them.