GINA was designed to exchange triggers with four external sources which can be found on the Sharing ribbon bar: GimaLink, Package Files, EverQuest In-Game audio triggers, or GamTextTriggers. Exporting is just a click away, and imports all run through a common Merge screen to help you keep control over the organization (or lack thereof, if you prefer) of your library.


The Merge window allows you to browse the contents of triggers in an external source so that you can pick and choose which triggers or groups you want to import into your library. Simply drag groups or triggers from the left over to where you want them in your library on the right. Triggers or groups that will be modified are highlighted in pink.

If you don't really care about which groups the triggers end up in, or if the source of the shared triggers has pretty much the same organizational structure that you do, you can click the "Automatically merge package for me", which is roughly equivalent to dragging the top group on the left over to the top group on the right.

Once you have completed selected triggers and groups that you want, hit the "Merge" button, and they are added to your library.