Circle Clickies

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Circle Clickies

Post by Sirene » Fri Nov 21, 2014 2:03 am

My current triggers for Circle clickies work like so:

Search Text:

{s1} begins to cast a spell. <Circle of {s2} {s3}>

Guardian Circle has its own:

{s1} begins to cast a spell. <Guardian Circle {s2}>

This is fine for most situations except -
- If more than one person clicks CoP etc, it starts a new timer. From what I can tell this is unavoidable. The "restart current timer" option for when the timer is triggered again, will not work because {s1} will not be the same (not the same caster). I tried sticking the search text into the end early text, and it actually will end the timer as soon as it starts, which surprised me (I was thinking GINA read in one line at a time, and didn't search for end early text until at least the next line).

I could remove {s1} and have the trigger like so:

begins to cast a spell. <Circle of {s1} {s2}>

But with this setup, you lose the information re: who used CoP (I find this useful in some cases; melee vs caster class casting CoP may be in different places). You also lose the ability to have the timer end early upon the caster dying (end early text: {s1} died or {s1} has been slain).

Anyone have an interesting solution to this? Or what do you use for a CoP timer?

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Re: Circle Clickies

Post by HSishi » Thu Feb 01, 2018 6:43 am

How about the option "Start a new timer"?

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