Ranked spells & replacement

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Ranked spells & replacement

Post by HSishi » Sun Feb 16, 2020 5:43 pm

Hello all :) .

Currently my guild has some scripts with ranked dot's (they increase over time). The spells are indexed with roman numbers (I to VIII). While multi-digit numbers are pronounced correctly "I" and "V" are mispronounced as spelled "i" and "v".

Full spell text is: "You shiver with Restless Chill ", followed by roman numbers I to VIII and a finalizing dot. Example:
You shiver with Restless Chill I.

So in the trigger I want to replace the single " I." and " V." with " 1." and " 5." to make Gina pronounce them correctly as "one" and "five".

How does the trigger need to look like?

Thanks in advance :) .


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