Current Trigger Packages

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Current Trigger Packages

Post by Reht » Sat Apr 21, 2012 12:19 am

The following trigger packages are currently available in Gimagukk's library:

Common triggers
Common Casting triggers - casting triggers common to many classes
General triggers - triggers common to all players

Class triggers
Berserker class triggers - Berserker Burn Re-use timers
Ranger class triggers - Ranger timers

House of Thule - At World's End - Al'Kabor's Nightmare
House of Thule - Cazic's Final Stand - Fear itself
House of Thule - Guardian of the House - Upper House of Thule
House of Thule - The Force of Eternity - Miragul's Nightmare
Veil of Alaris - Illdaera's Vengeance - Argath
Veil of Alaris - The Herald of Oratory - Valley of Lunanyn
Veil of Alaris - Cacaphony of Oratory - Sepulcher 4
Veil of Alaris - The Triune God - Sepulcher 5
Veil of Alaris - Unearthing Alra - Pillars of Alra - Thanks Huggly!
13th Anniversary Raid - Tower of Frozen Shadow

Most of these packages have been play tested, if they haven't been, an exclamation icon will be displayed on the package. The packages are not all-encompassing, If you can improve upon or want add to these packages or would like to submit your own trigger packages, they would be greatly appreciated, especially more class related trigger packages. You can submit your packages to

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