Submitting packages for Gimagukk's Library

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Submitting packages for Gimagukk's Library

Post by Gimagukk » Wed Mar 14, 2012 5:45 pm

I'm hoping to build up the library of downloadable triggers by accumulating contributions from users (especially class-specific and encounter-specific trigger sets!). If you have a set of triggers that you believe would be beneficial to lots of other players, feel free to export them to a GINA Package File and email them to I will periodically make a quality control sweep through packages posted here and incorporate them into "Gimagukk's Library" so that they can be downloaded by anyone from within GINA, displaying your name as the Contributor in the library list.

Some things to be aware of when submitting a package to be included in the library:
  • The Search Text for each trigger should be the full emote text (ie, "You feel yourself starting to appear" rather than just "starting to appear"). This is to minimize the chance of an emote causing multiple triggers to fire.

    For triggers that include the character name in the Search Text, Display Text, or Text to Say text, the character name should be replaced with the token {C} so that the trigger and notification works correctly for any character being monitored.

    I generally prefer triggers that use Text to Speech over triggers that use Play Sound File for audio notification, simply because the packages are smaller (kinder to my bandwidth) and easier to modify to an individual's liking.

    Please organize your triggers into trigger groups related to encounter, class, etc. to make it easier for me to add categories for use when searching the library.
If I include your package in the library, please understand the following:
  • I will list you as a Contributor next to the package in the library.

    I may tweak your triggers for consistency with the rest of the library (for example, but not limited to: capitalization, adding {C} tokens to make the trigger more boxer friendly, adjusting trigger group organization, or changing trigger category).

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Re: Submitting packages for Gimagukk's Library

Post by Rrowzing » Mon Jan 28, 2013 1:40 pm

Some time ago I submitted packages for Solteris and Seeds of Destruction, but I do not see that they have become public. Should I attach them up to this forum instead of using the email?

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