Compatibility with EverQuest II

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Compatibility with EverQuest II

Post by Drakah » Thu Jan 14, 2021 10:57 pm

Hey there Gimagukk,

I have been making triggers for our guild in EverQuest for a long time now and I am seasoned enough to get things to work the way we need it to for groups and raids overall. Thank you for all the work, definitely has helped keep us all in tune during events!

I have been playing EverQuest II also and it is quite awkward without having GINA for it. There is a real crappy program they use called "Advanced Combat Tracker" but it is so awkward and does not even put text on the screen for emotes, which is just making me nuts.

Would it be difficult to add compatibility to GINA to parse the log file for EQ2?

EQ1 Log format is:
[Sun Jan 10 18:18:37 2021] Welcome to EverQuest!

EQ2 Log format is:
(1609702445)[Sun Jan 3 14:34:05 2021] Welcome to EverQuest 2!

The only 3 differences I see is:
1) They add a timestamp value (##########) before the date time year information. It increments by 1 for each second that has passed.
2) They have a "Space" for single date days instead of 2-digits. So, instead of Jan 03, they have Jan 3, using the 0 as a space.
3) They use double-quotes instead of single-quotes. " instead of '

I did a test, edited an EQ2 log file to the 3 different things I listed above, and GINA was able to do a search for text in that file.

Do you think you would be able to enable a toggle to a character in Gina to read a EQ2 log file?

Brian K Haines (Drakah) /

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Re: Compatibility with EverQuest II

Post by HSishi » Tue Oct 12, 2021 2:44 pm

One of the GINA files in its folder is a configuration file which represents the template for the log file. I think that one can be edited to either allow both EQs or at least the one you want.


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